Time moves in hours, days and years, it flies with the clouds. Time moves with planets and us. In the small village “Nauchniy” there are about 600 people, and time does not hurry or rush them. Prior to 1945 this village did not exist, it was created as a consequence of the government’s decision to build an observatory. The Crimean Astrophysical Observatory was built on an empty space. Everything you see in Nauchniy — telescopes, houses, industrial buildings, parks with magnificent pines and cedars so thick you cannot reach your arms around them. This is the tangible legacy of the people who created the observatory. The majority of people that you see on the streets of the village are staff members of the observatory and their relatives. Mountains to the east, west and south of the village are covered with forest, which helps to stabilise the atmosphere and to block extraneous light. Despite the well developed infrastructure, Nauchniy is separated from the wider public. At the entrance to the village there is a barrier bar and you can only get in if you have a special pass. You can feel a special atmosphere there that is enhanced by the calm and serene way of life the people lead here. This is one of the few places on this planet where people don’t look under their feet but instead at the starry sky above. One of the most popular subjects of conversation is whether the sky is clear. The sensation of time is so special in the village, it is as if it is crawling on a soft carpet, leaving almost no trace behind. With the fall of the Soviet Union almost nothing changed here, the clink of time and social and political earthquakes spare this place and these devoted scientists. The documentary part of this work is interviews with the scientific workers, and through my own views and attempts to show the life of the whole observatory. This is a life that has calling and dedication, a life devoted to the «moral law within us and the starry sky above us”.